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Elementi Hand Frother for Coffee, Matcha Whisk (Ultra Black)

Elementi Hand Frother for Coffee, Matcha Whisk (Ultra Black)

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  • THE PERFECT HANDHELD MILK FROTHER FOR COFFEE LOVERS! The Turbo Powered high-speed, high-torque motor provides more than enough power to create foamed milk in just 15-20 seconds (2xAA batteries not included).
  • 2-YEAR WARRANTY. We are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service. If you are not completely satisfied with our handheld drink mixer at any time, we will make it right. We stand by our product, no matter what. Simply contact us.
  • BE YOUR OWN BARISTA. Utilize our rapid coffee frother handheld and whisking tool to effortlessly create a smooth, velvety microfoam for a café-quality latte, cappuccino, flat white, frappe, and more. With the Elementi electric whisk, you can make Bulletproof Coffee, Keto Coffee, or whipped hot chocolate. Say goodbye to others electric coffee stirrers!
  • ERGONOMIC AND EASY TO USE. The unique, soft-touch grip ensures comfortable handheld operation. Measuring 11 inches tall and 2 inches in diameter, our coffee mixer wand features a compact, cordless design that is easy to store. It's about to become your new favorite coffee accessory.
  • NOT JUST FOR COFFEE! Our handheld frother is a versatile and powerful tool that can also be used as a protein powder mixer, matcha whisk, handheld blender wand, mini mixer, electric handheld mixer, electric frother, or mini whisker.
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  • Cappuccino

    In under 30 seconds, you'll have a thick, creamy foam that can be used to make lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos and so much more.

  • Matcha Tea

    Coffee not your thing? Use the Elementi Milk Frother to makematcha tea in seconds without the work of a bamboo whisk.

  • Hot Chocolate

    And for the kids (or, let's be real, for yourself) you can even makewhipped hot chocolate!

  • Bulletproof Coffee

    Great for bulletproof coffee!Just add coffee to melted butter and whisk for 30 seconds to enjoy a smooth blend.