Milk Frother

Perfect frother for coffee lovers! Powerful high speed, high torque motor boasts more than enough power to create foamed milk in 15-20 seconds.


Fermentation Sets

Ferment Perfectly with Our Glass Fermentation Weights! Say goodbye to spoiled, soggy ferments and hello to perfectly sour, pickled creations. Our weights are designed specifically to keep your fermenting vegetables and fruits submerged under the brine, promoting even fermentation and preventing spoilage caused by excess oxygen.



Turkish Beach Towel

Meet your new favorite towel. Also called Fouta, Hammam or Peshtemal towels, these Turkish towels are made with unique Turkish cotton that will only get softer with time. Use it at home, at the gym or at the beach. Our lightweight towels are easy to pack and travel with.



100 Strong Piping Bags

Strong bags with twist ties included to seal the deal, offering you maximum efficiency and minimal waste.


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